What School Could Be Maine


  1. Be a WSCB Maine Network member.

Individual teachers taking small steps together. Meet monthly on Zoom with WSCB coaches and fellow Maine teachers to discuss innovative classroom practices, share experiences and learning, and gain confidence.

  • Cost: None

  • Next step: Register your interest HERE.

  • Watch this short video of teachers sharing why WSCB is meaningful to them. What School Could Be Maine is a step in addition to this, but it gives you a clear picture of the basics through the voices of teachers.
  1. Be a WSCB Maine Seed School.

Gather a principal and a teacher or teachers who have innovative ideas they are excited to implement in Fall 2022. Share your ideas with us ASAP, meet other participants from Maine, and over the summer you’ll receive implementation coaching to make sure you start the school year well. During the year you’ll get personalized coaching and implementation support that your school needs and requests from WSCB coaches.

  • Cost: Accessible to everyone! You can fill out a very simple grant application in 20 minutes. The goal is to include schools, not screen them.

  1. Be a WSCB Maine Future Ready Work Skills Project partner.

Help a student learn skills through a project of their choice that serves your community and makes them more employable. These are student-driven, student-led projects that benefit from teacher or community-member support such as mentoring, facilitated connections to community members, access to space for work to be accomplished. Teachers are not expected to teach a course! Participants will gather via Zoom in summer 2022.

  • Cost: None. Ted is offering financial support for the student projects as well as coaching for the teachers or community members involved. 

  • Next step: Register your interest HERE.