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Below are members of the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee (130th session). They are a great resource on education policy issues and can be contacted to share your perspective on educational issues addressed at the state level. They hold regular public meetings streamed on YouTube.

The general email for the committee is

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Senator Joseph Rafferty – Chair D – Senate District 34
Senator Matthea Daughtry D – Senate District 24
Senator David Woodsome R – Senate District 33
Representative Michael Brennan – Chair D – House District 36
Representative Ed Crockett D – House District 43
Representative Jan Dodge D – House District 97
Representative Sheila Lyman R – House District 74
Representative David McCrea D – House District 148
Representative Rebecca Millett D – House District 30
Representative Tim Roche R – House District 7
Representative Suzanne Salisbury D – House District 35
Representative Heidi Sampson R – House District 21
Representative Paul Stearns R – House District 119


Maine State Capitol

Attend Upcoming Meetings and Public Hearings

All committee meetings are public and livestreamed HERE

The Ed Committee’s homepage has detailed information and links to the bills being considered.

Submit written and/or live testimony for a specific bill in a public hearing.

Legislative Notices

for upcoming public hearings and work sessions

There are no upcoming public hearings or work sessions at this time.