What is Maine ED 2050?

Maine ED 2050 is a statewide project to bring communities, educators, and youth together to discuss how education and schooling can be designed for personal, civic, and economic thriving in the next few decades. We have clear goals in our Maine Economic Development plans for 2029, but we don’t yet have a clear connection between our goals and how our system of K-12 education will help us achieve them. And, the youth mental health crisis here in Maine tells us we need to be looking deeply at how we can design school to center wellbeing while preparing all youth to matter in their communities. 

We are hosting 150+ small, guided focus group conversations to learn from Mainers in every county. Libraries, schools, community organizations, universities, and industry groups can help by signing up to host conversations. Major Maine industry leaders from farming to healthcare are also participating in the project so we can learn how school can develop the capacities most needed for success in Maine jobs. 100% of what we learn is available publicly on our online platform. Community leaders, employers, educators, journalists, and policy makers can use the data to align their priorities with what is most meaningful to Mainers. The platform will launch in September 2022!

At the November Maine Coalition for Education Renewal 2022 Summit, we will use the data collected, as well as other education reports, to inform our next steps to help our system evolve toward a thriving future for all. The Summit is a kick-off event to create a strong network committed to designing and supporting an education system for the Maine our communities want, beyond political administration changes. Major education stakeholders will be invited to engage in the collaboration needed to move forward.

We are glad to be partnering with Educate Maine and Maine Resilience Building Network to sponsor this project. You can read more and sign up to join by going to our project website.


How can I get involved?

  • Sign up to attend a conversation yourself. It only takes 60-90 minutes!
  • Invite your organization, community, school, or circle of friends to participate in a conversation.
  • Sign up to host a conversation. We provide everything you need!
  • Sign on as a collaborating organization to spread the word and attend the Summit.
  • Support the project by becoming a sponsor. We need your Maine businesses to help make this project possible by sponsoring at a variety of levels. 



What School Could be in Maine Educator Network

Anyone working in preK-16 education in Maine is welcome to join our What School Could Be in Maine group! You’ll have the opportunity to network with other Maine educators, ask questions, share ideas, access free education resources, and join other teachers in our monthly Zoom gatherings where we look at both our individual steps in our schools and how we can work to shift the system toward thriving from our unique positions within it. No prep needed! Come to share ideas, receive inspiration, network, and blow off some steam.

Watch this short video of teachers sharing why What School Could Be is meaningful to them.


Maine Superintendents Collaborating 

We have live gatherings in the WSCB in Maine network every month beginning on October 14 just for superintendents. Meet other district leaders to learn from one another and to collaborate regionally on special initiatives.

We simply convene the group and have experienced district-level change agents on hand to support you. 



Youth-Led Community Resilience Building

Listen to ME provides a process for high school student leaders to design and run a qualitative research project focused on their school’s specific needs, lasting a month, a semester, or a school year. We collaborate with school leaders to ensure solid preparation for project success — from inception to analysis to action steps for adult-youth collaborative response to learnings. Local Voices Network provides artificial intelligence (AI) analysis of conversation data and project support, connecting high school students with researchers at the Center for Constructive Communication at MIT.

Projects include interdisciplinary learning opportunities for students in statistics, data analysis, group facilitation, written and verbal communication, project management, and community engagement. Youth learn how to listen, share openly, interpret, prioritize, and collaborate with adults toward meaningful solutions. School leaders learn what their students are experiencing and how to approach collaboration that leads to a more connected school community and a learning environment that helps all students thrive.

Students who feel seen, heard, and understood are more likely to stay in school. Youth who contribute meaningfully to their school community feel they matter. Schools that work collaboratively with high school youth set their students on a path to productive civic engagement. Communities that value each member’s perspectives and wellbeing are places where youth want to stay and invest themselves. Listen to ME provides the support schools, districts, and communities need to grow together.

We have multiple ongoing projects right now, but if you’d like us to consider your district or school for the future, send us a message, and we’ll set up a time to talk.


How can we help you?

Education Action Forum of Maine offers consultation and project-based services to individuals, schools, and districts. We are at our best when we are bringing people together to transform teaching and learning toward whole community thriving.

What we do is customized to meet your needs. Some examples of how we can help include:

  • Facilitating and supporting internal and community-wide collaboration toward specific renewal efforts.
  • Integrating youth voice into policy making to improve school culture and outcomes.
  • Developing and implementing strategic listening plans for greater stakeholder inclusion.
  • Hosting visioning sessions to align your team, school, or district’s values, strengths, intentions, and actions.