Maine Education 2050

What is Maine ED 2050?

  • Maine ED 2050 is a statewide project to bring communities, educators, and youth together to discuss how education and schooling can be designed for personal, civic, and economic thriving in the next few decades. 
  • Major Maine industries from farming to healthcare are also participating in the project so we can learn how all kinds of educational experiences can develop the capacities most needed for success in Maine jobs. 
  • 100% of what we learn is available publicly on our online platform. Community leaders, employers, educators, journalists, and policy makers can use the data to align their priorities with what is most meaningful to Mainers.
  • The Fall 2022 Summit is a kick-off event to create a strong network committed to designing and supporting an education system for the Maine our communities want.

How can I get involved?

  • Share the project with your organization, community, school, or circle of friends.
  • Sign up to host a conversation* yourself. We provide everything you need!
  • Sign on as a collaborating organization and attend the Summit.
  • Support the project by becoming a sponsor.

*Conversations consist of 4-6 other people in a facilitated space, designed to make sure you enjoy yourself and we learn what’s most important to know from your perspective.