Maine Education 2050

What do our youth need from their education

to thrive in the Maine of 2050?


Ed Forum is partnering with Educate Maine to ask this question and others to help us create a common vision for the future of education in Maine. Only if we have a clear vision of where we are going can we design a system of education to get us there.

We plan to host 150+ conversations in communities in every county. Beginning in January 2022, we will hold 10 pilot conversations with youth, community members, education professionals, and our heritage industry leaders to discuss what the future holds for Maine:

  • What do our communities need from our education system in order to thrive in the future?
  • How will the youth of today influence Maine’s tomorrow?
  • What do educators see as the future of education?
  • How can our education system prepare our youth for the workforce of tomorrow?
  • What skills and capacities are most needed for the next generations to succeed—in Maine—personally, professionally, and civically?

Maine Education 2050 aims to find answers to questions like these and to inspire sustained collaboration between major education stakeholders to carry a vision for preK-16 education into the future—beyond elections, beyond changes in administrations.

Analysis and Sensemaking

We are also partnering with Cortico-LVN, working with MIT’s Media Lab. They will provide analysis of the conversations using AI (artifical intelligence), a public dashboard to keep the whole state informed of evolving topics and themes, and ways for the public to contribute to sensemaking activities online. Ed Forum will provide additional analysis to share through our website and Educate Maine’s, as well as white papers for legislators, the Department of Education, and university teacher preparation programs.

Education Summit 2022

In Fall 2022 we will host a summit gathering for major education stakeholders to gather together in person, we hope. Our aim is to create a shared vision based on the learnings from the community and industry conversations and to begin a coordinated plan to realize goals along the way to realizing that vision.

The Future

We expect the community and industry conversation aspect of the project will continue through all of 2022, and potentially into 2023, and then be repeated in a few years to make sure we are on track. This is long term work, and we are excited to collaborate with the great variety of Maine organizations working for the best education system for Maine’s future.

Join Us

This project is inclusive of the whole state and needs community partnerships in every county. Reach out to us if you’d like to discuss how you can be involved.


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