Kennebec County Pilot


Your perspective needed!

Kennebec County

We chose Kennebec County as the pilot site for Maine ED 2050 becuase of the variety of communities and industries and because it is home to our capital. The first conversations will include youth, educators, community members, and leaders in the forestry, fishing, farming, and healthcare industries.

If you are a community organization and want to get involved by connecting your community to the project, be in touch.

Please support this important project by going to the Maine ED 2050 website to sign up!

What’s next?

We are planning the next phase of the project now. Statewide, industry-specific conversations will expand to include technology, the arts, hospitality, philanthropy, and many more. By Spring we plan to have the statewide dashboard up and running to share, county by county, what Mainers are saying about where we are headed in 2050. Stay tuned!

Find out more

We have a website just for Maine ED 2050. On the site you can see what types of conversations are available to you and when they are. You can even sign up right there. Go there now.

Pilot details:

  • January 27, 29, and February 1
  • 60 to 90 minutes, on Zoom
  • Four to six other people in a facilitated conversation designed to make sure you enjoy yourself and we learn what’s most important to know from your perspective.
  • The conversation will be recorded for the audio, but only your first name and last initial are noted. You can even use a pseudonym if you like!
  • The audio will be used to provide the data to be analyzed by Cortico’s artificial intelligence platform and shared publicly.

Upcoming Events

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