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School-within-a-School for Several Public Districts in Rural Maine

by | Feb 11, 2021 | Educator Interviews

Kara McCrimmonKara McCrimmon, is an educator who was able to forge creative alternative pathways for students desiring to engage in experiential learning not typically offered at a district schools. In a creative partnership with Calais Schools, Cobscook Institute was able to create a “school-within-a-school” option for several public districts in rural Maine. Cobscook operates on a relational model for shared inquiry in which “teachers are students, and students are teachers.” You will hear from Kara how her experiences successfully developing alternative pathways for students deemed “on the periphery” such as parenting teens, truant or kids who had just checked out, informed what is now the core educational program now serving the entire student body at Cobscook. Making learning relevant by providing students agency in developing the framework for their curriculum, helping them establish goals for success and a flexible – more diverse and dynamic school “day” contribute to the success and appeal this option provides for many students in several districts in this rural part of the state. Cobscook provides a model for other districts to provide programmatic flexibility offering alternative pathways for more engaged learning.