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Educator and Student Thriving with Change Maker and Educator Rob Houben

by | May 26, 2022 | Education Innovators Series


Change maker and educator Rob Houben (Agora School in the Netherlands) shares why it is so vital to our students’ success for us to treat them all unequally, to respect them as professional learners, and most of all to understand them as unique individuals who want to grow and learn and find their passions and talents.


Krystal Williams
Founder of Providentia and Board Chair at KinoTek


Julie Meltzer
Director of K-12 and Teacher Education at the Institute for Humane Education

Patrick Breeding
Co-Founder of Marin Skincare and UMaine alumnus

Key Takeaways:

Rob Houben:

  • “Everyone deserves to be treated unequally. No two students are the same.”
  • “If you are a learner, you ARE a professional, and we should treat you like one.”

Krystal Williams:

  • “I hope policy makers and funders will feel inspired, yes, but also challenged. How can we support and fund education that supports and nurtures lifelong learning?”

Patrick Breeding:

  • “In the chemistry lab, I was treated like a competent professional, and because I was treated like that, I became that identity, and I could affirm it because now I had a purpose, a passion, that I could apply to these things I was doing with my hands.”

Julie Meltzer:

  • “We have not yet had substantive discussion around the purpose of education….We can improve a lot if we are courageous enough to do so.”

Meghan Gordon and Katrina Hatt:

  • “The CTE instructors treat us like professionals, and so we take the classes seriously….It is so great to be learning through something I am really interested in, hands on.”